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CVN Kalari Nadakavu

CVN Kalari Nadakavu is a traditional Kalarippayattu institution established by Late Sri. K Narayanan Gurukkal.  CVN Kalari Nadakkavu is situated in the heart of Calicut city, where the traditional martial arts are practiced and performed for more than a century.


It was Sri Narayanan Gurukkal, who revived this age old art in Malabar and gave it a new lease of life by drawing disciples from all over the world.  Guru Sri. Narayanan Gurukkal, the founding father of the institution, hails from an Ayurvedic family of north Malabar with years of tradition in Kalarippayat and Marma Chikitsa. CV.Narayanan Gurukkal together with Kottakkal Kanaran Gurukkal and many stalwarts in the art made intensive effort to revive the art in all its pure form.

Palm leaf manuscripts and the related know how articles from the traditional ruling families form the basis of the revival of Kalaripayattu. Alien rulers tried destroying this material art as it was found to be a big military threat to their rule. The outstanding efforts of Sri. Narayanan Gurukkal popularized Kalaripayattu art in Kerala after a long set back due to the colonial rule in India.

Narayanan Gurukkal who departed on 24th December 2000 has groomed his children Anil Kumar, Sunil Kumar and Gopa Kumar to take the reins of the CVN group. The trio is well experienced and well trained in Kalaripayattu and Marma treatment and is very popular in Kalari film action choreography.


CVN group has taken Kalaripayattu to great heights. The CVN Kalari is undertaking Ayurveda and Kalarippayattu in many European Countries. CVN Kalari had trained a large number of students including foreigners in the art of Kalaripayattu. Some of the students have started Kalaripayattu classes as their own in their native countries.


The CVN Nadakkavu team has represented India in many international events on various occasions. The centre is a recipient of many national and international awards. During our performances, we had been to UK, France, US, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Japan etc. We provide lecture, demonstrations, exclusive workshops, elegant choreographic works and stunning mock fights.


CVN has made remarkable contribution to the film industry. CVN was greatly appreciated for the weaponry actions in films Ashoka, Dilse, Lajja, Jackie Chan movie ‘The Myth'. Our tradition and reputation attracted many celebrities and we have performed Kalarippayattu before Presidents, Prime Ministers and many distinguished guests from different nations.


We offer:


1.    Stage shows.
2.    Choreography for dance and the article performance.
3.    Action Choreography for films.
4.    Kalaripayattu classes on Kalaripayattu.
5.    Workshops and classes on Kalaripayattu.
6.    Marma chikitsa (Ayurvedic treatement).
7.    Holiday Packages.



Special Treatments

Special Massages that we provide are :

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