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Massage is an art which has become popular all over the world. Kalari massage blends the body, mind and spirit. Kalari masters take special care of the nerves and muscles as they have a good idea about its working. Massaging synchronizes the entire biological system of the body.  It enhances the circulation of the body fluids and activates the lymphatic system of the body and helps to purify the body. Kalari massage strengthens the body by relaxing and opening up energy pathways. 


The action of muscles and nerves are thoroughly studied and made use in the massaging techniques. Muscles and nerves can sense the pain. When muscles get pain due to tear and wear, due to extreme stretching or contraction, accumulation of metabolic poisons etc, it stimulates the nerve endings. While massaging there is an improved vascular movement of muscles and the rub carries away all the accumulated bad metabolic from then pain nerve endings. The students are massaged during the training and also when they are met with accidents during their practice. So the students can actually experience the reaction of each muscle and nerve to a gentle touch by the finger, hand or foot.


Massage gives a feeling of relief due to the development of good endorphins in the brain by suppressing the feeling of pain and replacing it with a healing sensation. When we rub a portion of the body we will feel relieved of pain. And if oil is applied, the relief is more and long lasting. This is the secret of relief and pleasure. When we massage the body with oil and the like the blood circulation gets increased too. Three methods of massages are usually done for different purposes as detailed below.


Sukha Thirummal (for body comfort, physical relaxation) is good after a hectic activity or travel and fatigue.


Raksha Thirummal is for curing the disorders connected with the bones swelling due to falls, cuts etc. Medicated oils are invariably used and sometimes affected portion bandaged.

Katcha Thirummal is done for those students who practice kalari training, classical dances, sports and the related activities. This is also done as a part of coaching camps of football, volleyball teams etc which will help students gain flexibility, agility etc to perform better.

CVN Kalari Ayurvedic centre at Nadakkavu  is a Govt. approved agency for rejuvenation packages like Chavitti Uzhichil and Kai Uzhichil (Massage with feet and bare hand and fingers)

Luke warm herbal oils are applied all over the body by the trained therapists continuously for about an hour.

Herbal oils, medicated milk, medicated butter milk etc. are poured over the head in a special method as required by trained therapists of Kalari background. This is found to be very effective in certain ailments.

Herbs, herbal leaves, herbal powders and Navara rice are made into a bolus and applied to the affected part continuously at intervals as decided by the Gurukkal or the physician.

This is much sought after face pack. The face pack is made with herbal powder creams, juices etc to suit particular problems of the skin.
Ladies in large numbers are using this package now to have smooth skin and better appearance. Only traditional herbs, flowers, seeds etc are used to make the pack and no chemicals are used. No harm to skin.

This method is used for the treatment of the eye to prevent eye diseases like itching, Swelling, Eye optic nerves get strengthened in this process. Special Ayurvedic drugs are used for this therapy.

Kati Vasthi
Warm medicated oils are kept over the lower back side of the body as a pack with edges made out of rice powder. This is done for the backache problems. Computer professionals usually get back pain and disorder due to the long hours of work sitting on a chair. This treatment is found to be very useful for such persons.


Kalari massage keeps the body healthier with flexibility, nimbleness and suppleness. Kalari massage can help relieve various aches like back pain, stiffness, dislocations and injuries. 
Massage is now a popular item in the tourist itinerary because it helps blood circulation, relaxation of the body, cellular revival etc. Many of the problems of old age and wear and tear of the joints and muscles can be corrected through massages by a trained and experienced kalari master.

Ideal Season

According to tradition there are three ideal months for Sukha Chikitsa as a body is very receptive at that period of time.

  • Karkidakam (July to August)
  • Tulam (October to November)
  • Kumbham (February to March)

Kalari treatments are ideally suited for arthritis, rheumatic disease, back pain, disc problems, Spondilosis, Lumbago, sciatica, muscular pains and ortho problems like cracks in bones, fractures, dislocation, sprains etc. Always make sure that you under take treatments from a specialist Gurukkal.


Benefits of Kalari massage:


  •  Improves circulation of body fluids.
  • Allows energy to flow freely and keeps the body healthy.
  • Helps to relax by releasing emotional stress.
  • Balances the sapta dhatu (seven tissues of human body; plasma,   blood, muscles, fat, bone, bone-marrow and semen).
  •  Stimulates nadi-sutra (Ayurvedic acu-pressure).
  •  Stimulates marmas.

Patients suffering from various ailments like rheumatic diseases, back pain, muscular problems, asthma, anxiety, weakness, obesity etc get relief through massage. Massaging promotes sleep and gives relief to depressed patients. Massage can improve the self-defense mechanism of the body, increase immunity from environmental changes and give self-confidence and will power. So massaging can be used just to rejuvenate the body and mind.




Special Treatments

Special Massages that we provide are :

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